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#blackfolxarerichTM Context

The four movements – record, (re)connect, reward, and repeat – which comprise the Movement Cycle, are integral to every part of Radical Identity Praxis. This is not a necessarily a linear or fixed process, but one that repeats, "because it takes more than one cycle to be free" (S. Campbell, 2020.)  Through these processes of reflecting upon personal and family stories, along with gathering photos and archives to honor both our histories and futures, I make the claim that #blackfolxarerich (B.FAR). This is not based on a limited understanding of fiat notes and modern currency, but honors the everyday existence of who we are (internal) rather than just what we have (external.) We are folx of both trauma and dignity and are hereby rich in blood, flesh, joy, labor, land, faith, intellect, creativity, rest, and Village. Our liberation is rooted in this affirmation.


Merchandise (including scrapbooks, journals, and apparel) produced to support this research bares this name/trademark.

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Journey Books

Apparel @ TeeSpring

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