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The purpose of this ethnographic project is to document intergenerational narratives of Black folx and to understand the relationship between intersectional identities and liberation.

The RIP Kits are based on the RIP Movement Suite noted below.


Record. [Kit 1]

Tell and Record the Story of Home. Name the people connected to me, my home(s), neighborhood and community.


(Re)Connect. [Kit 2]

(Re)Connect the Black Diaspora. Button the work of "home" with traditions and movements of the Black Diaspora with an intersectional lens.


Reward  [Kit 3]

Reward the Self. Embrace the Inner Child (Shange,) the Erotic (Lorde,) the Land, the Body (Sealy-Ruiz.)


Repeat. Integrate the previous movements and curate a mixed collection of materials to share. This will be done through a (a) documentary, (b) RIP Book, and/or (c) community talks.